Highly recommended!

I feared that my car would fail its periodic vehicle inspection (M.O.T.) because of its headlights. They had become too dull and the light was no longer clear. Before ordering new headlights I contacted U-N-P Zuid-Holland to treat the headlights with Nano Protection. They are now like new again! The full car was treated with the protection coating and now, 18 months later, my car still looks like new! We also used it for our red high-gloss kitchen and with the same result! Highly recommended!


K. Veninga Moordrecht Monday June 1st, 2015

A true top product!

On 8 December 2014 my car was treated with Nano Protection.

I washed it on 28 February 2015, so it went almost 3 months without cleaning and now it looks like new again. A true top product.

Johan & Els Verveer Ridderkerk Monday June 1st, 2015

Shower areas even more hygienic

Cleaning with U-N-P Nano was a good experience. Filth and calcium hardly attaches itself to the surface, making our shower areas even more hygienic. An additional benefit is that cleaning is even easier now. Frequent cleaning is the answer. The same story for our car. It shines after having rinsed it off, and it looks like it is straight from the showroom.

Peter van der Bas Moordrecht Sunday May 31st, 2015

My car shines and is like new again.

I had my car treated with Nano Protection. A brilliant result. It shines like new again. It requires little maintenance, just some cleaning.


W.S. Nederveen Ridderkerk Friday May 29th, 2015