Virtually every year your boat has to be taken out of the water for required maintenance. The hull in particular has to be checked, cleaned and often be provided with a new expensive coating of paint. U-N-P Nano Protection provides optimum protection for your yacht. Resulting in significantly lower annual maintenance costs.

The advantages of Nano Protection

  • The paint retains its beautiful deep gloss
  • Prevents weathering and discolouration of the coating
  • Provides many years of protection against weather influences, grime, algae and dirt
  • You will save on annual maintenance costs
  • Very easy to clean
  • Also for plastic parts


Applications of Nano Protection

  • Any boat can be provided with U-N-P Nano Protection
  • Including sailing yachts and sloops
  • Plastic parts, interior
  • Stainless steel, aluminium parts, chromed parts
  • Windows and portholes
  • Screws and outboard engines



How does U-N-P Nano Protection work for your boat

First, the hull of your boat is thoroughly cleaned using our biological universal cleaner. This is followed by various polishing stages to create the unique gloss, and finally this is followed by Nano Protection.

As a result, crustaceans and different types of algae are virtually unable to attach themselves. Great advantage of this is that you will make major savings on fuel and maintenance costs. Your yacht will also go faster, thanks to the smooth structure and the resulting reduced resistance.

U-N-P Nano Protection is only applied by professionals that are specially trained by U-N-P, in order to guarantee a life span of many years.

Note: The yachts of Wim van der Valk have also been provided with U-N-P Nano Protection.