Your car suffers greatly under different weather conditions. Dirt, grime and brine are an assault on your car's paintwork, particularly in winter. With U-N-P Nano Protection, your car will be protected against all seasonal impacts for many years. Nano Protection will protect your car for years against dirt, UV radiation, brine and all other external factors that could affect its paintwork.

Value retention

Nano Protection ensures that the paintwork of your car remains in a better condition for a longer time. The quality of the paintwork and the gloss are decisive for your car's value retention. As a result, the investment in the paint sealant will quickly pay itself back when selling or trading in your car.

The advantages of Nano Protection

  • The car's paintwork retains its beautiful deep gloss
  • Prevents weathering and discolouration of the coating
  • Provides many years of protection against weather influences, grime and dirt
  • You no longer need to polish your car
  • Very easy to clean
  • Also suitable for plastic parts and rims

Applications of Nano Protection

  • Any car can be provided with U-N-P Nano Protection
  • Including classic cars and sports cars
  • Plastic parts, interior
  • Rims, chromed parts
  • Car windows
  • Also for caravans and trailers

How does U-N-P Nano Protection work for your car

U-N-P Nano Protection has strong dirt and water repellent properties, due to the fact that the nano particles are able to penetrate the deepest coatings of any surface. After polishing, the minuscule particles fill the pores of any surface. As a result, grime, dirt, water and UV light have a strongly reduced probability of bonding to or penetrating the top coating of the surface.

U-N-P Nano Protection is only applied by professionals that are specially trained by U-N-P, in order to guarantee a life span of many years. Each completed project is checked and certified by an inspector from U-N-P.

The treated parts are checked annually by U-N-P.

U-N-P provides Nano Protection of superior quality. The extremely high concentration of nano particles in U-N-P Nano Protection is unique. That is why Protection has been patented and its performance has been tested for years