About U-N-P

My name is Ruud Visser and I am the founder and owner of U-N-P (Ultieme Nano Producten) (In English: Ultimate Nano Products).

In 2002, I was approached by a firm that is specialised in Nano Protection. The firm asked us to test if the Nano Protection would also be suitable for the protection of car lacquers. I was immediately interested, considering that we have a specialised car wash and polish centre.

Nano Protection was principally developed for metal. The product prevented oxidation during transport.

I started testing the Nano Protection and it soon turned out that it was perfect for car lacquers. It was shiny, the rain drops slid down it easily, and it stayed intact for years. To clean it, you only had to rinse it off with water. Then I wanted to create a product that not only offered long-term protection and shine, but that was also all-natural and environmentally friendly.

After 5 years of research and testing the Nano Protection on cars, boats, aircrafts, etc., I found the compositions and formulas that are suitable for most sectors. I have currently released my own line under the name of U-N-P and can now supply the right product for almost every sector.

In these five years I have also discovered that the Nano Protection can only provide long-term protection if the surface is treated in the correct manner and the coating is incorporated in the correct manner. From that perspective, I decided to collaborate with specialists who knew the product really well. U-N-P gives its distributors extensive training and certification. This is the only way to guarantee the quality of U-N-P Nano Protection.

Have I aroused your interest in U-N-P and our Nano Protection? I will be happy to meet you and demonstrate our product.

About U-N-P

My name is Ruud Visser, founder and owner of U-N-P (Ultimate Nano Products).