For your private domain we also have many applications with nano technology. We can provide your kitchen and accompanying domestic appliances (such as stainless steel water cookers, ovens, microwave ovens, televisions, etc.) with Nano Protection.

What about your glass shower door with all these scale deposits that are so hard to remove? We have the solution! Do ask us for the possibilities!

The advantages of Nano Protection

  • Deeper gloss on high gloss surfaces
  • Easy to clean: with a cloth and Universal Cleaner you will easily wipe dirt, scale deposits and fat from the surface to be cleaned
  • Protection against discolouration and weathering of the coating
  • Considerable savings in time and money

Applications of Nano Protection

  • In the house: frames, windows, doors, etc.
  • In the kitchen: cabinets, chromed taps, stainless steel rear walls, glazed tiles, cookers, etc.
  • In the bathroom: tiles, bathroom furniture, glass walls, taps, mirrors, etc.
  • In the garden: polyester pottery, glass fences, stainless steel furniture items, ornaments, etc.

How does U-N-P Nano Protection work

Do you also hate having to polish your gas cooker so intensively in order to remove fat and dirt? Or what about the scale deposits on your tiles? U-N-P offers the solution for indoors as well! Thanks to the nano particles, dirt, fat and scale are no longer able to attach themselves, so from now on you will be cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, window frames, etc., with a big smile on your face!