Maintenance of real estate is an ever growing cost item. Painting, washing window fronts and cleaning exterior parts are recurring activities in order to guarantee the quality and value of the house or business premises.

With Nano Protection by U-N-P you will be able to make considerable savings on these costs.

The advantages of Nano Protection

  • Gloss and colour retention
  • Prevents chalking of paint coatings
  • Provides protection against weather influences, grime, dirt and algae
  • A considerably longer life span
  • Very easy to keep clean
  • Substantial savings on maintenance costs


Applications of Nano Protection

  • Glass and frames
  • Doors, garage doors, sun blinds
  • Plastic parts and trespa
  • Bathrooms, toilets and wet cells
  • Kitchens, stainless steel, aluminium, solar collectors

How does U-N-P Nano Protection work for real estate

First, we will give a demonstration on the surface to be treated. This is to determine which steps are required to return the building to its original state as much as possible. Once this has been done, the building will get protective Nano Protection, which will provide optimum protection against all types of influences.

You could think of UV radiation, bird droppings, etc. As a result, cleaning costs will reduce dramatically. You will make considerable savings on maintenance!

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